PLA Short Cut Fiber
Update time:2013-05-17 11:07:37
Detailed Product Description
1.3D*6mm PLA short cut fiber: 
1. even length 5mm/6mm 
2. suitable for paper-making 
3. approved by FDA 
4. 100% biodegradable 

1.Characteristics of  1.3D*6mm PLA short cut fiber, for paper making food grade:-
Soft handle, which assures you of an irreplaceable good feeling.
Low flammability (LOI 26+) and less smoke generation.
With good wrinkle and shrink resistance, graceful drapability, easy care;
Good air-permeability, moisture absorption which make you free from the discomforts caused by sweating; 
Low index of refraction, which provides excellent color characteristics, with the shiny luster as silk;
UV-cut, fastness to sunlight;
Antimicrobial, mildewproof, keep your skin clean and safe; 
Biodegradable completely and environment-friendly.
2.Specifications of  1.3D*6mm PLA short cut fiber, for paper making food grade :-
Regular finess: 0.5D/0.6D/0.9D
Regular length: 6mm/12mm/18mm/36mm...
Application: mainly for food grade paper making
Package: by pallet, 10~20kg/polybag, 1ton/pallet