For Spinning and Textile
Update time:2013-05-13 14:25:48
Detailed Product Description

We can supply polylactide (PLA) fiber and filament which can be used for knitting and non woven fabric and degradable.


Poly Lactic Acid Fiber, made by natural corn starch or plant fiber through fermentation and polymerization. It is 100% biodegradation material.

PLA fiber is safety and health fibre and  environment friendly, it is the best substitute for traditional wood and plastic products.

Can be completely biologically decomposed 
Attractive appearance, good hand touch


PLA fiber- a new generation of green, environmental-friendly& reproducible fiber with great potential. We developed PLA fiber with new technology, therefore good quality and competitive price.


PLA fiber has good characters below-


***    Raw material is natural resource, not from oil, thus renewable & eco-friendly


***    Biodegradable, do no harm to earth after disposal


***    PLA fiber will do good to human, a) antibacterial naturally due to it's acid, b) lactic acid one component in human body, without allergenicity/sensitisation to people, c) good ability to absorb & release sweat than polyester


***    Fire-retardant naturally, and with very low smoke when burning 

Performances PLA Fiber Polyester Fiber Nylon Fiber
Breaking Tenacity (cN/tex) 38 60 45
Specific Density (g/cm3) 1.27 1.38 1.14
Melting Point (℃) 160~175 255 215
LOI(%) 26+ 20~22 20~24
Moisture Regain (%) 0.4~0.6 0.2~0.4 4.1
Refractive Index 1.4 1.57~1.68 1.57
Combustion Heat (KJ/g) 19 25~30 30.9
Elogation Rate(%) 25~35 30~40 30~40
Recovery Rate(Stretch 5%) 93 65 89
Moulds(kg/mm2) 400~600 1200 300
Dyestuff disperse dye disperse dye disperse dye4
Flammability less moke

(self-extinguish off 

fire 2 minutes)

heavy smoke


off fire 6 minutes)

milddle smoke